Personal Branding Options

personal brandingThe typical and most often used form of branding we offer is personal branding, where an agent uses their personal or team name in all their marketing and advertising covering a majority portion of that marketing or advertising while our name covers the balance. An example of that could look something like this. Anyone using this option must comply with the guidelines set forth by the real estate commission for the state in which they are licensed in.

The second personal branding option we offer (in some states) is designed for broker associates, branch offices, teams or experienced agents. This option allows for 100% branding, and your branding name is used on all your marketing and advertising. This option is getting harder and harder to use as many states are changing their rules on how an agent under a broker is allowed to market themselves. An example of this option could look something like this. We will always be the broker of record so as to comply with each states licensing requirements, but your personal branding name could be used on all your marketing and advertising. There is a yearly fee for this type of branding if allowed in your state, so please contact us for more details.