Broker of Record Services

broker-affiliateWe are predominantly a residential real estate brokerage, but we do offer broker of record services, including commercial.

Have a deal in another state, but not licensed in that state?

Our broker of record services division allows us to assist other real estate broker(s) by acting as their broker of record (or co-broker), in states where they have a transaction(s), but may not hold a real estate license. We provide the necessary forms, state-specific brokerage agreements, and various disclosure documents. We maintain every transaction file per the department of real estate regulations and provide you with a complete copy at the end of a successfully closed transaction.

An example of broker of record services where there isn’t a specific transaction taking place could be a property management company looking to start up business, but their state requires them to have a broker of record in place. We can step in, negotiate an agreement with them, and become their legal broker of record. Once this happens, they are 100% compliant with their states’ real estate commission, and can begin the task of launching their business. There are other examples, but this is a fairly popular one. We hold active real estate licenses in many many states and we are continuing to grow.

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