Our Business Opportunities

business opportunities with the virtual realty group, a cloud based real estate brokerThe Virtual Realty Group has developed and perfected an online virtual real estate brokerage platform that does not require a brick and mortar office. This makes real estate extremely more efficient and much more profitable. We incorporate the latest technology available, making our platform accessible from anywhere in the world all within the reach of your fingertips.

Our turn-key system is the solution to all your needs and is the perfect “online virtual brokerage platform” when considering your next real estate business opportunity, downsizing out of a larger brokerage, shutting down an unprofitable office or just streamlining to become more efficient and profitable again.

Most real estate brokerages today are still running an unfair lopsided commission split business model which is out of date and unfair to the agents. Our platform comes complete with every imaginable tool a real estate professional would ever want or need including outstanding support, education, knowledge, training, and marketing materials just to name a few. Grow your business, hire more agents and make more money.

Here are the business opportunities available to you with The Virtual Realty Group:

1. As a broker, broker associate or experienced agent licensed in one of the states we operate in, you could join our brokerage and start a team, or open a branch office. You would earn revenue from the transactions within your team or branch office. If you already have a brick and mortar office and want to retain it, then you would have another revenue stream available to you.

2. As a broker holding a license in a state we do not currently operate in, you could partner with us to open The Virtual Realty Group in the state you hold your license.

3. Our Affiliate Program is designed for a broker, broker associate or brokerage office in any state, under any name looking to partner with us to have access to a powerful Agent Virtual Backoffice platform, while retaining their own business name and model. Your agents would have the most comprehensive array of benefits, features and tools available to them 24/7 at their fingertips!

We are The Future of Real Estate Today. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our great opportunities, or fill out the contact form below.


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