Training For Brand New Real Estate Agents

new agent trainingWe noticed a few big voids in not only the new wave of online, low fee, “Virtual” style brokerage firms arriving on the scene, but most brokerages in general. We know that new agents require competent, cutting edge new agent training and coaching in order to be successful. There is nothing like starting out with the top mentors of your new field and bypassing the mistakes and pitfalls of learning the hard way. Many new agents often struggle on their own for the first few years, needlessly. We have the solution! As long as you possess an average or more amount of common sense, have really good reading comprehension, can follow direction and are a forward thinker, you will be well ahead of other new agents. If you are a prior business owner or have friends or family in the industry, then that is even a bigger bonus.

What is the success rate?

The National Association of Realtors reports that the majority of new agents fail within the first 2 years in real estate. Furthermore, research indicates that most new agents average only 1-2 sales in the first two years. The Good News is: with a smart start on the right foundation, it is relatively easy for agents to beat the odds and avoid these statistics altogether.

Our New Agent Training was created to bridge the gap between real estate school and reality for the new realtor. You will learn how to prosper quickly and to build a successful real estate business in any market, value range or market condition. We will coach you on the systems, daily activities, and disciplines necessary to get a quick jump start. You will learn to manage your time for a well-balanced life and continue with a long, healthy and thriving career. You will be strategically guided through growing your business step by step. There is much to learn, but we break it down and simplify, giving you an in-depth knowledge of the four basic principles that govern all real estate success.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Business Building – Proven Business Systems that allow you both growth of client lists (Lead Generation) and skillful time management.
  • Knowing Market Trends – So that you and your clients are ahead of the market curve and you become known quickly as “the Expert”.
  • Professional Selling Skills – So that you can convert your conversations into closing checks!
  • Competitive Edge – Becoming the first agent to get “the call” in your community.

The Virtual Realty Group is committed to helping you become as successful as you want to be! You’ll be ramping up your business quickly and getting to the closing table way ahead of the statistical curve! We are all truly dedicated to your success, prosperity, and well-being.

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